Understanding creator and viewer roles

Each user in your team can have Viewer (free) and Creator (paid) roles. When inviting a new user you can choose their role. To manage existing user roles go to the Teams page and then click on their current role.

What can Viewers do?

Viewers are free and unlimited. Viewers are able to join shared projects where they can view results, join discussions, and annotate patents.

What can Creators do?

Each Creator user requires a paid license in order create and share projects. Depending on your plan, there may be a limit to how many projects you can share but all plans allow Creators to make unlimited private projects. For more information login and navigate to your Billing page.

Manager user roles

Giving a user a Creator license

Users without a Creator license will show Viewer as their current Role. To change their role click on Viewer and select Creator from the dropdown. You'll only be able to do this if your team has available Creator licenses.

Removing a user's Creator license
Users with a Creator license will show Creator as their current Role. To change their role click on Creator and select Viewer from the dropdown. This will return one Creator license to your team which can then be assigned to a different user.

! Note: Changing a user's role will not change your subscription price. If you wish to add new licenses or remove unused Creator licenses you need Billing permissions. If you have Billing permissions, you can add or remove licenses from the Team or Billing page.

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