How to manage the permissions and privacy of your projects

To create and share projects you need an active Creator license. By default the projects you create will be private. You can choose to keep your project as private, share it with specific team members, or share it with your entire workspace.

What are project access controls?

There are three levels of access to shared projects: Full access, Can edit and Can view. You manage the default access level for your workspace or on a user-by-user basis.

  • Can view: Users with Can View access can only open projects in read-only mode. They are able add comments in the Discussion panel and annotate patents but search or save results.
  • Can edit: Users with Can edit access are able to save results and search but can not share the project with others.
  • Full access: Users with Can share can share the project with new users and manage the access controls of other users on the project. They can also do everything that Can edit and Can view users can do.

Access levels for Creators and Viewer roles

  • Users with Viewer roles are only able to join projects as Can view.
  • Users with Creator roles can be given Can edit or Full Access.

If, for example, you give a Viewer user Can edit access they will still only be able to see the project as Can view. If the user is later upgraded to a Creator they will automatically be given Can edit access to the project at that time.

Removing a user from a shared project

  • To remove a user from a shared project, click on the Share icon and then click on that user's access level
  • From the dropdown, select Remove

Project Owner Can edit Can view Can View
View the project
Comment on the project discussion
Annotate patents
Search and save results
Manage sharing
Delete the project
Delete comments
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