Sharing a project to collaborate

Dynamic collaboration in Amplified

Check out this video to see what real-time collaboration looks like in action:

Powerful secure sharing built-in

You can use Amplified to collaborate much more efficiently. Instead of spending time exporting and formatting results in Excel, writing emails to communicate context, and waiting on lengthy back and forth you can simply Share a Project in Amplified.

Streamline communication with richer information sharing

Projects make sharing easy because context is already there and Amplified makes reading patents much less laborious. When a project is shared with me, I can easily see the inputs and the saved results along with any comments, keyword highlights, and AI summaries.

Keep the discussion and information in the same place

The Discuss and Annotation features make it easy to share a particular passage with another person and get their comments without all the copy pasting, attachments, and emails. The information, reporting, and discussion happens all in one place.

Access controls & Workspaces

Amplified includes detailed access controls for sharing. Projects can only be shared with users who are in the same Workspace as the Project. By default Projects are always private and will only be visible to the users you've shared the Project with.

How to share a Project with individual users

Open the Project you want to share and click on the red Share button

Next click on Add team members and select the team member(s) you want to add the Project. You can only share with users who already have an Amplified account on your team and are in the same Workspace as the Project.

After you select a team member you can then click on the access level option to the right to choose their access level.

Amplified supports three levels of access:

  • Full access: can change project inputs, update results, and share the Project with others
  • Can edit: can change project inputs and update results but cannot share the Project with other users
  • Can view: can view Project results, customize display options, and comment in the Discussion panel but cannot change Project inputs or Update results

Finally, you can add an optional message and click Share. This will send an email with a link to the project like the example below. If you included a message, that will be in the email as well.

Sharing with the entire Workspace

Projects are private by default and Workspace sharing will be set to No access. You can see which Workspace the Project belongs to from the Share project screen. To change the access control just click on No access. You can use this to enable all Workspace members to get view, edit, or full access to a particular project.

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