Connection problems

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When you open in your browser, Amplified will attempt to make a WebSocket connection after the web page loads. You'll see a friendly yellow network connection indicator in the lower left corner while Amplified is making the connection. Once this disappears, the application is ready to use. WebSocket connections are more efficient than their alternatives, and have lower latency. Amplified uses them to transmit:

  • Your actions to the server
  • The server's updates back to your browser

Most modern browsers and proxy servers are compatible with WebSocket, but some security controls can interfere.

The Connecting message does not disappear or is replaced by a red error message

If the connection fails, Amplified should refresh the page after a few seconds to try again. If it succeeds, the yellow indicator will disappear.

After ten failures, the page will only try to refresh every 30 seconds. You may see a red indicator like this:

If the yellow indicator does not disappear after about 60 seconds or changes to the red indicator, please ask your IT department to whitelist the WebSocket connection and try again:

  • wss://

That didn't solve my problem

If the above has not solved your problem, you can forward this article as-is to help your It department understand the issue and get in touch with us directly. If you or your IT department has any questions, please contact us by e-mailing

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