How to undo learning in Neural mode

Let's say you saved a patent as relevant and updated results. After progressing further in the project you change your mind or decide you want to see what results might look like if Neural mode wasn't learning from that particular relevant patent. To undo that learning you can change the patent from Relevant to Flagged and then Update results. Read on for a step-by-step guide showing you how to do this.

First let's go to the Reviewed list

This is the easiest place to see all of your Relevant patents in one place. You can also see and change a patent's status from your Results listUploaded list, and the patent's full text page.

Find the patent you want to "unlearn" and click on Relevant to change it

We suggest Flagged since the patent is probably still worth keeping track of but if you prefer to change to Hidden that will work as well. Neural mode will only learn from Relevant results.

Change the status to Flagged then click on the Update results

This will re-sort your results as if that patent had never been marked as relevant. You can always change the result to Relevant again and Update results to re-sort.

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