How to search in multiple languages

Native language searching in Amplified

You can search and read results in Amplified across a wide variety of languages.

Changing your project language

From the project page, click on the dropdown in the upper left corner. Your result display will instantly change to the language you selected if native text is available for those results. After making sure that your description and keywords are in the correct language, click on Update results.

📝 For example, to search in German you would select German from the dropdown, enter German text, and click Update results. Results will be limited to patents available in German.

‼ Note: To get accurate results, your invention description and keywords must match your project language.

How are saved patents used if they are available in multiple languages?

In Classic mode, this is not relevant since only your description and filters are used for searching.
In Neural mode, saved patents that are available in your project language are automatically used to sort results. Patents not available in that language are ignored.

🤯 Example: What if you saved a Chinese patent and then changed your project language to English? Amplified will automatically use the Chinese patent's English machine translation. If no English version is available, Amplified will ignore the patent.

See the table below for a complete list of supported native-language searching in Amplified.

Keyword Classic Neural
Chinese (simplified)
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