You can create a project to keep track of new patent publications that are in your interested technology fields and/or published by a group of your competitors by using Monitor template. Ranking with AI removes the need for query creation and reduces review time. Amplified is updating data weekly and notify you when there are new results relevant to the existing patents you set.

How to create a project with a monitoring template:

  1. Enter IDs which you would like to monitor patents similar to. You can add multiple patent IDs up to 1000 for one monitoring project.

  2. Click Continue to confirm patent matches. If there is a patent that doesn't match to any existing patents, Amplified show you possible matches. You can select one from the list or remove it.

  3. Add important keywords to highlight your results. Results will be ranked by our AI so that the most relevant information is always at the top of your list and keyword highlights help you review that quickly. The keywords added at this step will be used as highlight only as default. If you prefer to hard limit your review with keywords, you can turn filtering on by checking areas to search from the Title, Abstract, Description, and Claims.

  4. Enter specific names if you would like to limit your monitor to specific competitors.

You'll see a red dot next to the project when your top 200 results change.

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