Using IPC and CPC codes to filter results

Include or exclude particular classes from your results

You can use patent classification codes to filter your results. Click on + Add Filters in your Project under the keywords section. Amplified supports both including and excluding codes.

To add a class code, either enter the symbol or use text to search the descriptions. You can decide whether to search for exact matches or include the class code's children codes as well.

For example, search "ball bearing" or enter the class code symbol like "B60B" or "B60B2380". You'll see matching CPC and IPC codes and can click on the code you want to add.

How to include children

For example, if you wanted to search everything under B62J1 you would add B62J1/00 and select Include children. 
Note: Include children is only available for CPC codes. 

Click on the red Add button

This will add your code. You can add multiple codes at once. The codes you add will be displayed and you can Remove them or change between Exact match and Include children. Click Done to go back to the project page.

Your class code filters will be displayed in the project input panel under FILTER RESULTS

You'll see the class code, whether it is IPC or CPC, and if you're searching by Exact match or Include children. To apply the filters make sure the FILTER RESULTS toggle is set to ON and then click Update results.

Click on a code to see it's definition, parent codes, and child codes. To remove a class code, simply click on the X.

Note: IPC code displayed definitions are based on the CPC concordance table

CPC definitions with checkboxes to customize which children are included

Multiple class codes are searched together with OR logic

Results must include at least one of the specified class codes but does not need to include all of them. Your class code filters are AND'd together with your keywords filters.

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