How to use project and public patent pages

What is a project patent page?

Patents that you find inside of an Amplified project have some extra features that are not available on the public patent page.

  • You can set or change the patent to relevant, flagged, or hidden
  • You can add and view annotations
  • You can add a private note to the patent

What does the header mean?

The header includes breadcrumbs so you can see how you accessed this patent.

  • Project tells you the name of the project that you are viewing this patent in
  • Result tells you that this patent was opened from the project's Results list
  • Reviewed tells you that this patent was opened from the project's Reviewed list

  • When a patent is in your Results or Reviewed list, you'll be able to forward and backward in those lists directly from the patent page

What is a public patent page?

Public patent pages make it easy for you to share public patent information with others. Anyone can access a public patent URL. This allows you to easily share full text, drawings, PDFs, and more.
To share a public patent URL with someone else, you can click on the Copy link button.
´╣ŚNote: Copy link will always provide a public link even if you click from a project patent page.

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