Using assignees and inventors to filter results

Assignee and inventor filters allow you to limit results to similar patents from one or more companies or inventors. Click on + Add a filter to addd assignee and inventor filters to your project.

Next, click on the field and type the name of the inventor or owner then press enter, comma, or tab to create a pill. Multiple assignees or inventors are joined together with OR logic.

How assignee search works

Amplified will search the entire assignment record and use fuzzy matching. This means you can just write "Google" rather than "Google, Inc." or variations thereof. However, it also means you may see some results where the current listed assignee doesn't match your filter because there was a match to a past assignee.

For some use case s this is too imprecise so we're working on expanding the assignee search functionality. If you have suggestions or are interested in that, please feel free to get in touch via the in-app chat.

You can also exclude assignees or inventors by writing - before the name such as -google .

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