Using assignees and inventors to filter results

Assignee and inventor filters allow you to limit results to similar patents from one or more companies or inventors.

The assignee and inventor filters are in the input panel on your project's left side under the FILTER RESULTS header

Assignee and inventor filters are underneath the keyword and CPC filters. On smaller screens you may need to scroll down.

To filter by assignee or inventor, click on the field and type the name of the inventor or corporation then press enter, comma, or tab to create a pill. Multiple assignees or inventors are joined together with OR logic.

´╣ŚNote: Amplified uses fuzzy matching so you don't need to specify the full corporate name. For example, you can simply enter "Google" rather than "Google, Inc." or variations thereof. 

Make sure FILTER RESULTS is set to ON then click on Update results

Assignee and inventor filtering is commonly used to:

  • Get a quick understanding of your competitors activity in the same field
  • Focus on a prolific inventor to understand their similar inventions
  • Add "-" at the front to exclude a company, like your own, that you already know well and don't need to see more of. This works for inventors too.

´╣ŚNote: Assignee data is notoriously messy so use assignee filters with caution. There are a wide range of issues with name standardization and also with correctly identifying corporate tree relationships to understand who truly owns the patents. This is an area we are actively working on improving.

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