Upload and sync with results from outside Amplified

You can upload a custom list of patents into your Amplified project. These are saved separately from your AI results but will automatically sync with them.

What can I do with uploaded results in Amplified?

You can use Amplified to sort, filter, and save patents in your uploaded list just like your results list. You can use the relevant results from your Uploaded list to improve the AI and also quickly see high ranking AI results that your uploaded list would miss.

  • Automatically sync your relevancy decisions across lists so you don't waste time reading the same patent twice
  • Instantly see where Amplified and your custom list overlap (aka likely to be relevant)
  • Increase quality and accuracy by quickly identifying highly ranked Amplified hits that aren't part of your custom list

💡Example usage: consolidate document review in one place by uploading a set of results from another system. Sort them using AI for efficient review and then easily check Amplified's results to identify and fill gaps. 

To upload patents click on the Upload button in the header

If you're starting from a brand new project you'll need to have provided input in the form of a text description or adding a related patent before you can upload.

You can upload a list as a CSV, Excel file, or plain text

To upload a CSV or Excel just drag and drop or click on Choose file. Make sure that your file is a single-column and contains  patent numbers only.

If you prefer plain text, click on "Prefer to copy and paste a list?"

From this screen you can enter a list of patent numbers separated by spaces, line breaks, commas, or semicolons.

Before clicking Continue make sure you choose what to save the uploaded patents as

Leaving them as unreviewed means the patents will display in your Uploaded list for you to mark individually as Relevant, Flagged, or Hidden. This is best if you're uploading a result set from another system that you haven't reviewed yet.

After clicking Continue you'll be prompted to confirm matches and review any problems 

Patent number formats can vary across systems so when there is not an exact match, you'll be asked to confirm which patent you want to use like in the example below:

You don't need to specify kind codes but doing so will make the process smoother. Here are some examples of how different number inputs are handled:

OK?   Input example Outcome
OK   US8348342B2 Returns exact match with no validation needed
OK   US8348342 May require validation if multiple kind codes exist
OK   US834834 Returns multiple results and asks for validation
×   US834 Too many possible matches

We're working on automatically supporting more number variations but in some cases you may need to adjust the format yourself. If you need help with number formatting, please feel free to get in touch using the in-app chat.

Once you've confirmed matches click Add

Congratulations! Now you can sort and filter these patents in your Uploaded list.

From the Uploaded tab you can see all of your uploaded patents. They will be sorted and filtered based on your project's input panel. For example, you can see the list sorted by Classic or Neural simply by changing the mode and clicking Update results. You can apply keyword highlights and filters in the same way.

In addition, you'll now see an icon on any patents in your Results list that are also part of your Uploaded list.

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