Organize your team with workspaces

Workspaces control which users can collaborate and share projects. Projects that are in a workspace can only be shared with other users who are also members of the workspace. Similarly, when you share annotations in your projects those will only be visible to other users in the same workspace and not to your entire team.

Here are some examples of how to use workspaces:

  • Segment users into teams that mirror your organization's structure
  • Create a shared space to securely engage with external counsel
  • Silo special projects that require cross-team collaboration such as M&A or R&D joint-venture

Creating a new workspace

Only users with Admin and Workspace permissions can create workspaces and invite users to them. To create a new workspace, navigate to your project dashboard and click on +Add next to My workspaces.

Give your workspace a name and click Save. Now you're ready to add users to your workspace!

Viewing and managing user membership

To manage which users have access, first click on the workspace you want to manage on the left side of your project dashboard. 

Clicking on the workspace will show you a list of users who are part of the workspace, their role, and projects that are in this workspace. To add a user to the workspace, click on Invite then select the users you want to add to the workspace or search for them by name or email address.
Note: Guests can only be added to a workspace from the Teams page not from the regular Invite menu.

To remove users from your workspace, hover over the user you want to remove and click the X icon. When you remove a user they will immediately lose access to any shared projects in the workspace.

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