Add an AI-generated summary to a patent

We know it’s often difficult and time-consuming to read through entire documents to understand their details. That's why we've added AI summarization to Amplified: a simple, intuitive way to summarize patent documents. It quickly condenses the specification and claims into easy-to-read summaries so you can understand them better and explain them easily.

Add or view summaries

You can generate, edit, and view summaries of any patent in any of our 29 support languages by clicking on the Summaries icon in the project results list or on the patent's full-text page.

From project results

Each patent result card has a Summaries link in red next to the PDF icon. Click to open the Summaries modal.

Adding and viewing summaries from the results list

From a patent page

On the patent page, navigate to the top and click the Summaries button to open the modal.

Adding and viewing summaries from the patent page

Generating and editing summaries

Amplified allows you to create a separate summary for the overall invention and one for the claims. Click the tab you want and then click on the red text to generate a summary. Once generated, you can also edit summaries and your changes will be saved automatically.

Click on the invention or claim tab and then click the red text to generate a summary

Summaries are automatically shared with everyone on your team. So if you or a colleague have generated a summary previously, you'll see the summary instead of a link to generate one.

If you want to make a brand new summary, you can then delete the current text and try generating a new one.

Have helpful feedback or a request about summaries? Click Share feedback to let us know. This helps us improve.

Summaries in other languages

You can also generate summaries in 29 different languages regardless of the original language of the patent is. Just click the language dropdown and pick one.

Amplified will save your summaries for each language that you select. In this example, we already had an English summary. We can also add a Japanese summary. To go back to the English summary, just use the language dropdown selector and go back to English.

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