AI-generated summaries and explanations

You can use Amplified's AI to get summaries that give you useful, structured information in an easy to understand format. The information is different from a typical abstract. Summaries work in any of our 29 supported languages. For more detailed questions, you can highlight text in a patent and use the Explain button to get a contextual explanation.

Open summaries from project results

Each patent result card has a Summaries link in red next to the PDF icon. Click to open the Summaries modal.

Open summaries from a patent full text page

On the patent page, navigate to the top and click the Summaries button to open the modal.

Editing summaries

Use the edit button if you want to add or change the summaries. Since summaries become part of your team's knowledge base, everyone on your team will see the same summary. This includes any edits you've made.

Contextual explanations

You can highlight text and use Amplified's explain button to get an explanation of that text in context of that patent. This saves a lot of time scrolling around.

After clicking the explain button, Amplified will take a few seconds to read the patent and then automatically generate an annotation with the explanation for you. This annotation is saved to your knowledge base, so if you encounter this patent again in the future it will still be there.

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