Adding date limitations to your project

You can set date limitations from Project Settings in the bottom left corner

Date filters, like everything under Project Settings, are not controlled by the filter toggle button. Once you set a date filter it will be applied to your project regardless of whether the filter toggle is set to ON or OFF. This article will show you how to add or remove a priority or publication date limitation to your project.

Amplified supports limiting project results by publication or first priority

By default first priority is selected. To change to publication simply click on the text and select publication from the dropdown.

Specify the start and/or end dates you wish to search in

To set the period for your search click on the start or end date and type the date you wish to use. Please use the format YYYY-MM-DD or YYYYMMDD. After entering your desired date press hit Enter.

Click Update results to apply the date limitation

To remove a date filter click on the date and delete the text then click Update results

After you delete your custom date you'll see the field change to YYYY-MM-DD again. This means no date filter will be applied. Press enter and click Update results.

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