Creating tags and lists

To manage your tags and lists, click on Manage tags or Custom lists at the top of your dashboard:

How tags and lists are organized

To get started, you'll need to create your tags or lists and then add patents to them. You can do this by clicking the red New list or Create tag button in the top right of the tag and list management screens.

Names and definitions

You can add a name and definition to help keep your information organized.


This determines who can see and use the tags or lists. You can keep tags private to just yourself, make them shared with multiple users by selecting one or more workspaces, or set them to team-wide so everyone gets them.

Use the Visibility control to scope tags or lists to the right users so that people aren't overburdened with unnecessary information.

Adding patents to tags

You can use the Import tagged patents button to bulk import all at once or click on the + icon under FAMILIES TAGGED to add patents to individual tags.

Adding patents to a single tag

Simply copy and paste a list of patent numbers or upload a file. Be careful to select Positive or Negative.

Positive means these patents should have this tag on them because they are relevant.

Negative means that these patents were reviewed and determined to not be relevant to this tag even though they may look relevant at first.

In the tag management page you'll see a number under FAMILIES TAGGED for each of your tags. This tells you how many families have been added to the tag. You can click on the number to see all the patents with that tag.

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