Getting started searching from a patent

This article is a step-by-step guide to effective and efficient in Amplified. Let's get started!

① Login to and click on New project. 

From the dropdown, select Custom project. 

② Select Neural mode then click "Add a related patent" and enter a patent number

Select Neural mode to add patents
Lookup the patent you want to add by number

③ Reviewing results and customizing your display

Results are ranked by overall similarity to your input text or patent(s). Classic mode uses semantic comparison only uses your description. Neural mode uses conceptual similarity and will look at both your description text as well as patents. The number next to each result indicates its similarity rank.

Now let's start to review results

By default all results are grouped by family. A representative family is displayed showing title, selected bibliographic data as well as badges indicating family legal status and whether the family has a granted member.

To view the patent’s full-text page, click on the title. You can also control the display of drawings, abstracts, claims, and relevant text by using the checkboxes at the top.

Add keyword highlights

To review results more efficiently, add keywords that describe your main focus. This will highlight the text in your results and show a count next to each so you can see how many times the keyword appears.

You can add a keyword in a different color for each critical feature you're looking for. Initially, we recommend just using these as highlights to help you read and analyze the AI results. Later you can use these keywords to filter your results by turning Quick Filters ON and then clicking Update Results.

If you want to add similar terms and synonyms, click the green plus to automatically generate them.

④ As you review results mark each with the check, flag, or hide button

✅ Saved results will be used by the AI to try to find more like them

⛳️ Flags do not impact the results

👁 Hide results that aren't relevant to this project (you can still see them later if you want)

⑤ Read the first page of results, then iterate with filters and learning

How do they look? Did you find relevant results? If you saved them then the AI can try to find more like them. Click Update Results to see a re-sorted list.

Do you feel like the results are missing a particular feature that you're interested in? Try using a keyword that describes that feature as a filter. Add the keyword, turn on Quick Filters, and click Update Results. We recommend starting with a narrow focus — use a single keyword and uncheck the Description box so you are searching only for Title, Abstract, Claims

If there's a relevant result out there with this keyword, you're likely to find it quickly with this approach. You can broaden the search as you go by clicking the green + to suggest similar terms and by saving the relevant results you find.

⑥ At the end of your search, try turning Quick Filters off

As a final step, we recommend turning the Quick Filters off and updating results. This is a great way to catch any potentially still relevant results that you haven't found yet.

Congratulations, now you have everything you need to quickly and confidently search in Amplified!

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