How Classic and Neural AI sort results

Classic prioritizes similar words while Neural mode sorts by conceptual similarity

Using Classic mode

Use this to quickly find highly relevant results that describe the invention in similar language to you. Classic mode sorts based solely on your description. You will typically see highly relevant results in the first page. We recommend starting searches in Classic mode then using the results you save from the first page to train Neural mode results.

Using Neural mode

Use this to search more broadly and find patents that describe similar concepts even if they use very different language to do so. Neural mode is able to search using text, patent numbers, or a combination of both. In addition Neural mode will learn from the relevant results you save and update in real-time. 

What makes Neural mode unique?

  • Reads your entire text and patents to understand concepts not just keywords
  • Sensitive to how you describe the invention
    📝 For example: changing the order of words and sentences will change the results.
  • Can quickly learn from even one or two relevant results

💡 Tip: Combine the most critical keywords as filters with Neural sorting to rapidly explore different aspects of the technology. Since concepts and keywords understand information in different ways, combining the two is highly effective.

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