How Classic and Neural AI sort results

Classic prioritizes similar words while Neural mode sorts by conceptual similarity

Using Classic mode

Classic mode only uses your text inputs and is great for quick-starting a new search. Even with relatively shorter text inputs you can quickly find relevant results. The results you save in Classic mode can help to fine-tune Neural mode results.

Using Neural mode

Neural mode is able to search using text, patent numbers, or both. Neural mode preforms best with detailed descriptions similar to how a patent's specification is written.

What makes Neural mode unique?

  • Reads your entire text and patents to understand concepts not just keywords
  • Sensitive to how you describe the invention 📝 For example: changing the order of words and sentences will change the results.
  • Learns from your saved patents

You can click on Update results after expanding your text description or saving relevant patents to improve Neural mode.

💡Pro tip: You can use keywords to focus on critical features while Neural keeps you in the right neighborhood. Since concepts and keywords work differently, you can get excellent results by combining keyword filters with Neural mode's conceptual ranking.

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