Choose what information to display in your results

By default every patent in your list will display the title, patent number, priority date, publication date, assignee, inventor, legal status, and family status. In addition you can turn on particular text fields or drawings to quickly evaluate relevance.

Use Results, Uploaded, and Reviewed lists to keep track of your work

At the top of the results window are three tabs: Results, Uploaded, and Reviewed. Each of these is a list of patents. Click on a tab to see that list.

  • Results - these will show your current search results
  • Uploaded - this will show you only patents that you have uploaded to this project
  • Reviewed - this will show you only the patents that you have marked as Relevant, Flagged, or Hidden

Each list is sorted, filtered, and highlighted based on your inputs in the left side panel. By default the Reviewed list is not filtered. You can enable filters on that list by clicking on the left panel.

Show or hide Drawings, Abstract, and Claims

Clicking on a checkbox at the top of your project will display that field in your list. These settings apply to your results, uploaded, and reviewed list. To turn a field back off just click the checkbox again.

  • Abstract - displays the patent's abstract
  • Claims - displays the first claim (open the full text page to see all claims)
  • Drawings - displays thumbnails of the patent's drawings (open the full text page for full size images and side-by-side view available)

Use the Keywords option to see relevant text from claims and descriptions

  • Keywords - uses your keyword highlights to automatically find and display relevant sections of text from the patent's description and claims
    The relevant text updates in real-time when you add or remove keywords. This is a quick way to explore patents in your results without needing to jump across tabs or scrol through full-text. Here's a short video showing how it works.

 Results marked as Relevant, Flagged, and Hidden

By default Relevant and Flagged results are displayed and Hidden results are not. The buttons at the top right let you switch between showing and hiding for each result category.

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