Using relevant results to train Neural mode

Neural mode learns from relevant patents to find more like them. To add relevant patents to your project you can either save results as Relevant or Upload your own patents.

To save a result as Relevant click on the green checkmark next to the result

After you've saved a result as relevant the Update results button will turn red. When you're ready, click on Update results and any new relevant results will automatically be used to re-sort the result list.

You can undo learning and go back to a previous sorted list

Amplified will always sort based on the current results marked Relevant so if you want to undo the learning you can simply click on change any results from Relevant to Flagged and then click on Update results

Uploading patents by number

There are two ways to add patents to an Amplified project. You can add individual patents to your input panel using the Add related patents button or add a list of patents to your Uploaded list. Both will affect the AI in the same way. The only difference is how the information is organized in your project.

If you use Add a related patent that will be saved on the left side of your screen below the description field. If you use Upload and add a relevant patent it will be saved in your Uploaded list.

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