How to upload relevant patents

Give Neural mode a boost by uploading relevant patents

You can add one or more patents to your project and mark them all as relevant. This helps you keep all of your results organized in one place and can be used to quickly train Neural mode.

To upload patents as relevant first open the Upload tool from the header

You can upload a list of patents as a file or choose to copy and paste plain text

In this example, we'll only upload two patents so copy and pasting is easier. Click on the red text to do that.

Type or copy and paste the desired patent numbers separated by commas and click on Relevant

You can also use this feature to upload patents as Flagged, Hidden, or Unreviewed. Once you've entered the numbers and selected Relevant click on Continue.

Confirm matches and review any problems 

You don't need to specify kind codes but doing so will make the process smoother. Here are some examples of how different number inputs are handled:

OK?   Input example Outcome
OK   US8348342B2 Returns exact match with no validation needed
OK   US8348342 May require validation if multiple kind codes exist
OK   US834834 Returns multiple results and asks for validation
×   US834 Too many possible matches

Patent number formats can vary across systems. We'll try to match based on the number you provide and if we're not sure which patent is correct, ask you to verify like in the example below:

We're working on automatically supporting more number variations but in some cases you may need to adjust the format yourself. If you need help with number formatting, please feel free to get in touch using the in-app chat.

The uploaded relevant results will be visible in your Uploaded and Reviewed list

Now you can switch to Neural mode and click on Update results to learn from the uploaded relevant patents and re-sort results.

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