Patent full text page and bibliographic data

Amplified hosts a public database of over 130 million patents. Each patent has its own page which includes a variety of text and bibliographic information. Data availability does vary from patent to patent (see data coverage for details).

  • Patent number (country, document, and kind code)
  • Drawings (click Show more to view them all at once or click on a specific drawing to see a large version side-by-side)
  • Title, abstract, claims, and description
  • Original document PDF
  • Publication and priority dates
  • Clickable linked list of backward and forward citations
  • Clickable list of DOCDB simple family members
  • Assignee(s)
  • Inventor(s)
  • All available IPC and CPC classifications

From this page you can also:

  • See the patent in other languages if available
  • Click the Copy Link button to copy a shareable URL
  • Jump to the publication's relevant Espacenet page
  • Subscribe to alerts 
  • If you came to this patent from a list such as project results or saved results, you'll also be able to mark the patent as relevant, flagged, or hidden and navigate through that list

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