Every project is a single workspace complete with everything you need to complete a patent search. You can explore an idea, validate an invention, draft an application, or challenge an existing patent.

Starting the project

To get started, add text to the invention description field or click add related patent to lookup an existing patent such as US9845732. You can also add a title to easily find your project later.

As you modify text and add or remove patents, results automatically update in realtime. Pretty cool, right?

Add custom keyword highlights and filters

We show one result per patent family. You can add custom keyword highlight colors. Checking the boxes will limit your results so that you only see patents that include your keywords in selected sections.

Add keywords or phrases by typing then hit Comma, Enter, or Tab.

  • When filtering, same color highlight words are OR'd together while the color groups are all AND'd together
  • Pro tip: organize similar concepts and synonyms together in the same color

Review results

When the green circle displays you will know that results are up to date. From here you can customize which parts of the patent to display in your list of results.

  • Toggle figures, abstracts, and first claims on and off in the list view
  • Patent titles and selected bibliographic information are included by default
  • To see the entire description and claims of a patent, click on a title to open the full text view

Multi-language searching

Amplified will automatically search for patent families with publications in the language that you write in. If you add a patent instead of text Amplified will use that patent's language for your search. Native language searching is currently only available in Japanese and English.

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