In every Amplified project, you can save results as relevant, flagged, or discarded to keep track of your work. Saved results are unique to each project and are a helpful record of what you've reviewed. You can see them anytime by opening the right pane

  • Green: Save relevant result
    Saved relevant results can also be used to improve the relevancy ranking in your current project using the re-rank button
  • Yellow: Flag result for later
    Flagging a result helps you remember to come back to it later. Flagged results are not used in re-ranking.
  • Red: Discard result
    Discarding a result takes it out of your results list. This helps save your time by making sure you don't see the same result again and again as you iterate with filters. Discarded results do not currently impact ranking.

You can see your Saved list anytime by expanding the right pane. From here you can download a CSV of results and toggle the display to show or hide relevant, flagged, and discarded results.

Sometimes you may want to change a results status after saving it. For example, from flagged to relevant. To do this click on the patent to open the full text view then click on the status to change to it.

To manually add a result by patent number, click on Add a relevant patent at the bottom of your Saved list.

Saving results

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