Most work in Amplified starts ands ends in a project. Every project is a dedicated space to search and organize results around a particular invention or technology area. Amplified pricing is based on the number of projects you need.

Projects keep track of your work. You can search filter, and customize each project as much as you want as long as the technical field stays the same.

Using the same project for different goals:

  • Jane started a project to explore an idea. Six months later she has refined that idea and decided to file a patent application. Jane opens her project in Amplified and begins adding more information to her idea to turn it into an invention disclosure.

Making a new project:

  • Bob used Amplified to help him get a strong granted patent on a better mouse trap. But now he's found a competitor's patent in the same field and wants to try to invalidate it. In this case, the technology field is the same but the focus of the search is very different so Bob makes a new project using the competitor's patent as the target.

To summarize:

  • One project per invention
  • You pay based on the number of projects you need
  • There's no extra charge to search, filter, and re-rank within a project

For more information on Amplified subscription plans and per project purchasing, please check our pricing page.

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