Manage admin, billing, workspace, and invite permissions

Admins in Amplified can give permissions to other users in their team. There are four permissions that can be granted: Invite, Billing, Workspace, and Admin. 

What can I do with permissions?

Invite permissions

This is for users who need to be able to invite other users and manage their role but are not authorized to make purchases or billing changes. Users with  Invite permissions can:

  • Invite and suspend team members
  • Give or remove available purchased Creator licenses to team members

Billing permissions

This is for users who are authorized to make purchases and manage billing information but don't need to manage users. Users with  Billing permissions can:

  • Manage your plan, billing, and payment details
  • Purchase additional Creator licenses or Shared Project library space
  • Remove unused paid Creator licenses

﹗Note: You can give users both Billing and Invite permissions. 

Workspace permissions

Use this to allow another user to create workspaces and invite team members to them. Users with Workspace permissions can:

  • Create new workspaces
  • Invite and remove guests and manage guest access to workspaces
  • Add users to their workspaces
  • Remove users from their workspaces

Admin permissions

Use this to allow another user to manage permissions and manage guests. Users with  Admin permissions can:

  • Do everything that Invite, Workspace, and Billing users can and;
  • Assign or remove Admin, Invite, or Billing permissions to other users 

Managing user permissions

  1. To add or change user permissions you will need to be an Admin. Click on the profile icon in the top right and navigate to the Team page
  2. In your team list you will see a header for Permissions. Newly invited users will always start with None here. 
  3. To change a user's permissions simply click on the text under Permissions for that user and mark the checkbox next to the permissions you would like to grant. That's it!

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