Manage admin, billing, and invite permissions

Amplified supports three optional user permissions to help you manage your team. If you are an admin you can manage user permissions from the Team page by clicking on the user's permission.


Users with the Invite permission are able to invite new users and manage user roles. However users with Invite permissions can not make any changes to billing. While these users can freely allocate available Creator licenses, they are not able to purchase additional licenses.


Users with the Billing permission are able to make changes to your plan and billing details. Use this if you want that user to be able to purchase additional licenses and change billing contact or payment information. Billing users are not able to invite new users or manage roles unless they also have been granted the Invite permission.


Users with admin permission are able to do everything that Invite and Billing permission users can do. In addition, Admin users are able to assign invite, billing, and admin permission to other users.

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