How to add and manage members in your Team

Access the Team page to invite users to your team. You can also manage roles and permissions from this page.

What can I do on the Teams page?

Invite new users

  1. To invite a new user, click on the profile icon in the top right and navigate to the Teams page
  2. Click on the red Invite button
  3. Enter email address of the user you wish to invite
  4. Choose whether to invite the user as a Viewer or a Creator
  5. Click Send Invite and the user will get an email prompting them to activate their Amplified account
  6. You can change an invited user's Role and Permissions after they have accepted the invitation

Frequently asked questions about invites

How to check the status of an invitation
On the teams page you can see if an invite has been accepted. Users who did not accept an invite yet will say Invited in red text.

How to re-sending an invite
Hover over user with a pending invitation to see the Re-send button. Clicking on this will send them a new email with a link to activate their  Amplified account.

How to cancel an invitation
Hover over user with a pending invitation to see the Trash icon. Clicking on this will cancel the user's invitation. They will no longer be able to join your team. You can always make a new invitation to re-invite the same user.

What if I invite a user who already has an Amplified account?
If the team member already has an Amplified account, they will be prompted to transfer their data to your team. By accepting the team invitation, their existing projects will be transferred to your workspace.

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