How to add and manage members in your Team

You can manage your team's subscription, roles, and permissions from the Team page.
Please note only users with Admin, Billing, or Invite permissions can access this page. 

From this page you can perform the following actions:

  • Invite and suspend team members
  • Change team member roles
  • Manage your team's roles and permissions:
    • Invite: can invite new users and edit their role but can not view or change billing
    • Billing: can view and change billing
    • Admins: have Billing and Invite permissions and can also assign and remove invite, billing, and admin permissions to other users

How to invite new teammates to join your workspace

Once you've invited team members they will be able to collaborate on shared projects and, if they are Creators, create and share new projects.

Currently you can invite individual team members by email. For bulk invites, please contact us.

From your Team page, select Invite in the top right

  • Add your team member's email address, select their role and click Send Invite
  • An invite will be sent to their email address, and once they accept, they'll have access to your Team
  • To check if your team member has accepted your invite, hover over their name in your Team page and you'll see options to re-send or cancel the invitation if they have not yet accepted

  • After your team member has accepted and if you are an admin you'll be able to assign and edit permissions by scrolling to the user and clicking on None under permissions

Please note: If the team member already has an Amplified account, they will be prompted to transfer their data to your team. By accepting the team invitation, their existing projects will be transferred to your workspace.

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