How to discuss shared projects with teammates

Only users with access to the project can join discussions, so you'll need to share the project with the right people first. Anyone added to the project create discussions or reply in threads.

Every project has it's own secure discussion panel

To open the discussion panel navigate to the project you want to discuss and click on Discuss in the header. 

When there are new unread comments, you'll see a red dot on the Discuss button and new comments will be called out under a New line. This goes away after you've read the comment. 

Discussion also support replying in and viewing threads. To add a comment just type text at the bottom of the panel and click Comment to post it.

Deleting, editing, and formatting

  • You can delete your own comments
  • We support Markdown if you want to add fancy formatting

Easily link to a patent or annotation

  • When viewing a patent page, you can automatically add a link to the patent by checking the box "Include a link to this patent"

  • You can also click the discussion icon on an annotation to automatically create a new thread which will include a link to the patent and excerpt of the annotation

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