How to annotate text in a patent

Highlighting text to add annotations

You can add a custom note to specific parts of a patent by highlighting text and clicking on the toolbar.

Use the pencil icon to add an annotation. Clicking on this will open a text box. Write your annotation here and click Save. Your annotations will always be visible to you in all of your projects.

Sharing annotations in this project only

You have the option to also make annotations visible to other users. If you share this project with another user, that user will see the annotations from this project in this patent.

Sharing annotations with your workspace

If you turn on the checkbox "Share with workspace" then all users in your workspace will be able to see this annotation when they open this patent, regardless of which project they are working in.

Using annotations

After you've saved your annotation, it will be highlighted on the page. Hover over the annotation to see additional options. You can sticky the options by clicking on the annotation so they don't disappear when you move the mouse away.

Annotation toolbar options

  • Click the pencil icon to edit your annotation or change the workspace sharing setting
  • Click the link icon to generate a shareable link to this annotation
  • Click the chat icon to copy this annotation into your project's Discussion panel where you can discuss with other users
  • Click the trash icon to delete this annotation

Annotations in this project versus annotations that were made in other projects

You may notice that some annotations are light yellow and some are grey. Light yellow means the annotation is from the current project. Grey means it is an annotation that was created in another project.

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