How to annotate text in a patent

Highlighting text to add annotations

You can add a custom note to specific parts of a patent by highlighting some text. 

  • Text you add will be automatically saved
  • Use the link button to copy a link that you easily share with others 
  • Create discussion threads from your annotation by clicking the chat icon

Shared annotations

By default annotations are only visible within your project. When you share that project with other users, the annotations will be visible to them as well.

You can choose to also share your annotations with your workspace. Doing this allows other users in the same workspace to see your annotations anytime they come across the same patent even if it is in a different project.

Viewing and managing annotations

Existing annotations will be highlighted in your text.

  • Pale yellow highlights are annotations from the current project
  • Grey highlights are past annotations from a different project.
  • Click on the highlighted text to view the annotation menu

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