Navigating your project library

The project library is your home page in Amplified. From this page you can create new projects and see your past projects. You can also organize projects into workspaces, see which project are shared with others, and search your previous projects.

1. Create a new project

To create a new project, click on New project at the top right then select the type of project you want to make from the dropdown. This will open a new tab with a fresh project for you to start work on.

2. Workspaces

On the left side of your library you'll see the workspaces that you are part of. By default you'll see all projects that you are part of in all workspaces. To see only projects from a particular workspace, just click on the workspace in the left. When you do that you will see a list of other users in the workspace. To go back to the top view of all workspaces, just click on the back arrow on the far left side of the screen.

3. Search projects by name

You can search through your past projects here. Just click on the search field and start typing. Projects will automatically be filtered as you type.

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