Using query mode

Amplified supports traditional boolean logic alongside AI searching. To get access this feature, please contact your account manager or email us at

What can I do with the Query tab?

The Query tab works just like traditional boolean search including a search history with hit counts and the ability to combine previous queries such as S1 AND S2 NOT S3. Any keywords in the Explore tab will still highlight (but not filter!) query results.

Can I combine query results with AI results?

Yes! Results that you save in the Query tab will automatically sync with AI results in the Explore tab. You can also add a query to Explore tab as a Custom Filter by clicking on the  ... next to a query. This lets you limit AI results with a complex query and review query results in AI sorted order.

When should I use the Query tab?

Start a search from keywords

Until now you’ve had to search in Amplified by sorting with AI first and then filtering second. Often AI finds great results quickly but sometimes it’s easier to just put in a couple very specific keywords. Now you start with a Query and then easily switch to AI searching when you’re ready.

Use a query to make a custom filter

This is great for things like FTO and monitoring where the query itself is valuable to define the scope of search. Use the query to set scope then take advantage of AI sorting and highlighting to efficiently review. Do a quick quality check by toggling the custom filter off and immediately see any highly relevant results missed by the original query.

Limit a class code with keywords

In most cases the AI already understands the right context so simple keyword filters are enough to focus on the right feature. However there can be situations where you need a bit more power and custom filters are great for this.

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