Query mode syntax

Amplified supports traditional boolean logic alongside AI searching. To get access this feature, please contact your account manager or email us at support@amplified.ai.

Query mode operators

Proximity operators support up to 9 words (i.e. W9). We are in the process of increasing this limit.

Multi-word phrases such as "metal oxide" must be wrapped in quotation marks.

Wildcards cannot be used in combination with proximity operators. Amplified automatically handles truncation, plurals, and basic word variations. However Amplified cannot do this when wildcards are used. Accordingly, wildcards should be used sparingly.

Syntax guide

Name Description Example Type Comment
Boolean operators Basic boolean search operators AND OR NOT Search logic
Advanced text operators Wildcards and proximity searching for text searching W5 * ? Search logic Use * for multi-character wildcards Use ? for single-character wildcards For proximity search use W with the number of words ex. W5 Note: for non-roman alphabets like Japanese, Korean, and Chinese the proximity operator will look within N characters rather than words
Nested queries Nesting fields and logic for complex queries TAC=(rocket AND engine AND (nitrogen OR hydrogen)) Search logic Be careful with overly complex nesting though as it can become difficult to follow and read
T=() Title T=(rocket) Text
A=() Abstract A=(rocket AND engine) Text
C=() Claims C=(fuel W3 thrust) Text
D=() Description D=(light* OR hyperspace) Text
TACD=() Full text TACD=(rocket OR engine) Text
TAC=() Title or abstract or claims TAC=(fuel OR thrust*) Text
IPC=() IPC code IPC=(A61F2/00) Class Codes before / such as A61 or A61F2 will automatically include all children. Codes after / such as A61F2/00 will only return exact matches. Append +all to include children ex. A61F2/00+all.
CPC=() CPC code CPC=(A61F2/00 OR B62J1/00) Class
GRANT=() GRANT=(yes) Legal status
ALIVE=() ALIVE=(yes) Legal status
EPRD=() Earliest priority date in family EPRD=20120501:20201231 Date Use : to specify a date range
EPD=() Earliest publication date in family EPD<=20201231 Date
CC=() Country code (publishing authority) CC=(US OR JP) Country and publication codes
ALL_AN=() All assignees ALL_AN=(Toyota) ALL_AN=("General Motors") Names
INV=() Inventor name IN=(Nikola Tesla) Names
S# Previous search string S1 AND S3 NOT S4 Search string
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