How to export results

You can export results by clicking on the Export button in the header. The default export options available are:

Saved results

  • You can select from Relevant, Flagged, and Hidden

Current search results (200)

  • This will export the current results list from your project
  • Larger exports are available on Enterprise plans

File format

  • We support direct export to CSV and XLSX (Excel)

What data is included in the export?

On Professional plans, your export will be grouped to show one record per family and include the following information:

  • Title
  • The family's representative patent number shown in your results list
  • Priority date
  • Publication data
  • Review status (relevant, flagged, hidden, or uncategorized)
  • Assignee(s)
  • Inventor(s)
  • Result rank
  • Link to Amplified's public patent page for each record

    Note: this page can be viewed without an Amplified account and allows you to easily share the full text and drawings of a patent as well as links to download the PDF
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