Reviewing monitor results

This is a short guide to how you can review results in Amplified as part of a regular monitor or technology alert.

Amplified projects allow you to:

  • Customize what is displayed to make reviewing easy and efficient
    • All users can use the Abstract, Claims, Drawings, Relevant text, and Summaries checkboxes to toggle those on or off
    • If a summary isn't available yet there will be a link you can click to generate one (it takes a few seconds)
    • Relevant text requires that the project has keywords in the left side input panel. If keywords are present, Relevant text will automatically display and highlight the sections of the patent that are most relevant to those terms.
  • Mark results as Positive or Negative for specific tags
    • If you aren't sure what a tag means, you can hover over it for a definition or ask your workspace's owner.
  • Add general notes to patents with the Notes button
  • Highlight and annotate specific parts of a patent (click on a patent's title to open it's full text and highlight any text)
  • Click on the Discuss button to ask questions and chat with colleagues (you can also @mention specific users here to send them a notification)

Here's an example:

This project only has 2 results to review. There are two tags on each result. One for qubit gen and another for Product ... . To review the tag simply click on the checkmark to mark it positive and the X to mark is as negative.

In this example, a classifier has already predicted whether these tags are relevant or not. The green colored tag is predicted positive and the red is predicted negative. The number next to the tag reflects how confident the classifier is.

Let's go ahead and review these results. Below is what the screen will look like after marking the tags as positive and negative.

And there you go! You're done with reviewing these results. Of course, if you have questions or more detailed observations then you can use the Discuss panel to share those.

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