What kind of written descriptions work best?

Amplified uses your invention description to sort patents by comparing your full description against the full text description of every patent in our database.

  • Descriptions can be any length but the longer they are the better your results will be
  • Write the way you would explain to another person
  • You do not need to write using legal language, a thorough technical explanation is sufficient

For the best results, your description should look like a shorter version of a patent specification is written. For example, include the background of technology, problem you are solving, the technical solution, and what makes your solution unique.

If you're struggling to write good descriptions, we can help!

First, check out our Invention Disclosure template. We include a guided Q&A with examples in different technical fields to help you define your idea.

If that's not enough please get in touch. We're happy to walk you through Amplified best practices and share our tips on writing great descriptions.

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