What kind of written descriptions work best?

You'll get better results when you start from a well-written invention description

As a rule of thumb, a well-written description includes the background of technology, problem you are solving, the technical solution, and what makes your solution unique.

  • Descriptions can be any length but longer is better
  • Natural language is more effective than claim language

Amplified uses your invention description to rank results by overall similarity. It does this by comparing your entire description against the full text of every patent in our database.

For examples of good text inputs, take a look at the samples in our invention disclosure template

Click New project and select Invention disclosure

On the left side of the screen you'll see a series of questions which help you to think through the invention and draft a high quality description. To help you fill these in we've also included pre-written best practice examples on the right side. To see the examples in different technical areas such as Telecommunications or Mechanics, click on the bubble at the top.

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