Getting started searching from a text description

This article is a step-by-step guide to effective and efficient in Amplified. Let's get started!

① Login to and click on New project. 

From the dropdown, select Custom project. 

② Add text describing what you are looking for and click Update results. Amplified will use your text to sort the entire database in real-time.

📝 Note on writing descriptions: The AI reads your entire description so write like you're explaining to a colleague not a search engine.

📄 Can I enter a patent number instead? Yes, you can sort using a patent number instead of or in addition to text.

③ Reviewing results and customizing your display

Each result is displayed with a number showing it's current relevancy rank. The first page contains 20 results where number 1 is considered the most relevant. If you make changes to your text and click Update results you'll see the database gets re-sorted and the relevancy ranking will change.

Now let's start to review results
By default all results are grouped by family and show a representative family member’s title, selected bibliographic data, family legal status, and whether the family has any granted members. Clicking on the patent title will open the patent’s full-text page. You can also control the display of drawings, abstracts, and/or claims directly in the results by using the checkboxes.

Add keyword highlights
To review results more efficiently, add keyword highlights that describe what you're most interested in. When you add a keyword, results will instantly be highlighted and a count will appear on each result showing the number of times the keyword appears. You can add keyword highlights in multiple colors. Later these can optionally be used to filter results as well.

④ As you review results mark each with the check, flag, or hide button

✅ Saved results can be used later to train the AI and find more like them

⛳️ Use flags for patents that you want to keep track of but don't want the AI to learn from

👁 Hide results that aren't relevant to this project (you can still choose to see hidden results and change the status later)

⑤ After reviewing the first page of results, turn on filters and click Update Results

Typically you'll find at least one or two results in the first page that you can mark as a relevant. After that, instead of continuing to review results, let's use the keyword highlights we added earlier to narrow scope and quickly check for low-hanging fruit. To do this set the toggle next to  FILTER RESULTS to ON and then click Update Results

Results will still be sorted using AI but now instead of returning the entire database, you'll only see results that contain your keywords. Boolean logic is automatically applied so that keywords of the same color are OR'd together and different colors are AND'd. Review your new filtered results and save relevant patents like you did in step 4. 

⑥ After saving relevant results, switch to Neural mode and click Update results

So far we've been sorting using Classic mode. Classic mode prioritizes results that use similar language to you which is good for quickly finding obviously relevant patents. Now we'll switch to Neural mode which prioritizes similar concepts regardless of the specific language used.

In addition, Neural mode is able to learn in real-time from the results you mark as relevant. When you use the checkmark button to save a new result as relevant in Neural mode you'll see the Update results button light up in red. You can click on Update results to train the AI and get a re-sorted list.

⑦ Iterate between filters and training the AI

Amplified is designed to be iterative. Amplified loads results in seconds so you can quickly experiment and iterate. Instead of slogging through long, noisy lists of results combine AI sorting with filters to quickly explore patents from different perspectives.

Don't worry about including every possible synonym or term. Use keyword filters to quickly focus on the aspects most important to you. Then use the relevant results to train the AI and find more. You may also find that the AI locates relevant results that surprise you and help recognize unexpected synonyms and descriptions.

⑧ Turn off filters for one last Neural search without limitations

As a final step, we strongly recommend setting your filters back to OFF and clicking Update results in Neural mode one last time. This will once again return the entire database. But this time the sorting will be done using Neural mode and benefit from all of the relevant results you found. Since we're no longer limiting scope with keywords and Neural mode prioritizes similar concepts, this is a great way to find relevant patents that would otherwise be missed.

Congratulations, now you have everything you need to search quickly and confidently in Amplified. Feel free to check out the rest of our help center to learn about more advanced features and techniques or get in touch with us directly through our in-app chat. Happy searching!

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