Avoid sharing an account among users

Amplified Accounts, such as jessica@company.com, are intended for use by only one person. Credential sharing is a security risk. If multiple people in your organization frequently use the same account by sharing the username and password, it could cause the following problems for users:

  • They might reach an account threshold—With multiple people using the same account, it increases the chances that an account will reach a threshold.
  • They might see a challenge or question—If we suspect that an unauthorized person is trying to access one of your user’s accounts, we present them with an extra security question or login challenge.
  • The account might be temporarily locked—If one person using the account is unable to answer a security question or resolve a login challenge, the account might be temporarily locked for everyone.

Tip: You can create free Viewer users or move Creator licenses within your team. If a user needs certain permissions, such as billing management, but doesn't expect to create projects you can assign them a free account and still delegate the Billing permission. If these options aren't working for you, please get in touch with us at support@amplified.ai to explain your situation and we'll help figure out a solution.

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