Amplified billing FAQ

How do Amplified plans work?

Pricing is based on your plan, the number of Creator licenses, and Shared Projects.

  • Every user with a Creator license can make unlimited private projects
  • The number of projects you can share depends on your plan
  • Professional accounts include one Creator license and library space for up to 50 shared projects
  • Enterprise accounts have unlimited library space for sharing

On professional plans, you can add Creator licenses and Shared Project library space. All plans include unlimited Viewers for free.

What are the key differences between the Professional and Enterprise plans?

The main difference is that Enterprise Plans have unlimited shared projects. See a full breakdown of plans and features here.

What is the difference between Pay Per Project and subscription plans?

Subscriptions allow Creators to make unlimited private Projects for a flat recurring fee per user. On Pay Per Project you only buy the projects you need when you need them with no recurring fees.

How do I invite users and assign Creator licenses?

Users with Admin or Invite permissions can invite new members to the Team as either Viewers or Creators. To invite a user as a Creator, you need to have Creator licenses available.

  • You can freely assign or remove Creator licenses to anyone on your team
  • If you run out of Creator licenses, you can downgrade some users to Viewers to free up licenses or buy additional Creator licenses (Admin or Billing permission required to make purchases)

Admins can check your current plan usage, pricing, and other plan options on the Plans page.

Do I get a refund if I suspend a Creator from my Team?

No, while suspended users will not be able to log in they will continue to take up one of your Creator licenses. If you wish to free up the Creator license, you can downgrade them to a Viewer before suspending or from the suspended user page.

Do you offer invoiced billing or is it credit card only?

Professional plans require a credit card. If you'd like to learn about invoicing options or need assistance with your team's billing or account admin, please contact us.

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