How Amplified projects work

In Amplified work is organized in Projects. Every project is a dedicated space to search and curate patent data. Most often a project represents a particular invention but it can also be a product, portfolio, or a task like invalidity and FTO. 

Every project includes three main tools that work together to make searching patents intuitive and efficient:

  • Sort using AI to prioritize the most relevant results first and maximize the impact of your time. You provide descriptions and patents then our AI uses them to sort the entire patent database in real-time.
  • Filter with keywords to iteratively check for specific technical features. Results load in seconds and stay sorted by AI so you can focus in on critical features or quickly experiment with different keywords to discover what else is out there.
  • Save relevant results to train the AI and automatically find more like them. Use filters to quickly find relevant results then turn them off and re-sort the entire database.

The top bar of your project shows the current hit count and controls the display of your results:

  • Navigate between lists
  • Instantly show or hide abstract, first claim, and/or drawings
  • Choose whether to include results that you've already reviewed and marked as relevant, flagged, or hidden

The Results, Uploaded, and Reviewed lists helps organize and keep track of patent data:

Changes made in any one list automatically sync with the other lists. This is especially powerful for syncing review across custom Uploaded lists and Amplified results.

  • Results shows the search results from your project inputs.
  • Uploaded allows you to upload a custom list of patents that can then be sorted and filtered using your project's inputs. You'll also be able to save results from your Uploaded list.
  • Reviewed collects all of your Saved results in one place.

Using Projects to organize, share, and collaborate on patent data 

In addition to searching, you can annotate patents and add notes, upload additional data, and invite collaborators. Amplified makes it easy to keep all of your notes, data, and discussions organized in one place.

Add notes to individual patents directly from your lists

You can add notes to particular patents by clicking on the note icon on the right side of the result. Amplified is your own personal knowledge repository so these notes will sync across projects.

If you left a note on this patent before in a different project, the icon will be gold and you'll be able to see your previous note and which project it came from.

Add more detailed analysis with annotations from the full-text page

When viewing a patent's full-text page you can add highlight specific sections of text and add detailed annotations. You'll also have the option to keep your annotation private or add it to your team's knowledge base by making it visible in other projects too.

Collaborate and discuss in real-time with sharing

Easily share the information that you've organized in your projects with others. Amplified projects are private by default and allow for detailed sharing options.

Every project includes a Discussions panel. This is real-time chat that allows you to discuss with your teammates right alongside the data.

Ready to start? 

It only takes a few minutes to learn. Take a look at our getting started guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of how to setup and complete a full search.

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